Thursday, July 31, 2014

Use our Petco coupon to get this pet step for less

I love this Primetime Petz Drawer Step Wood Pet Step. It is a mouthful, but so worth it. I love the fact that your little furry buddy can have easy access to whatever piece of furniture in the house they want to get on.

Maybe you have a bad back. Or you just had surgery and can't lift your little one onto the bed for the time-being. That's okay. Now you have a solution.

Plus, that solution isn't going to be an eye sore.

These steps pull out so that your dog can walk up, but the steps can also be pushed back in. Making life so much easier.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Get this Petco Yellow Dog Flotation Vest today with our Petco coupon

It's summer! That means that everyone wants to be in the pool! Even your dog! They see your kids jumping in there and want to join their brothers and sisters in the fun.

Now you can ensure that your dog is safe. You don't want them getting into trouble ... you love your doggie as much as you love your own children! They are part of the family!

What I like about this Petco Yellow Dog Floatation Vest is that it is neon yellow. You will never lose track of
your dog. It's lightweight, so your dog won't feel restricted. There is a safety grab on top, which is great, for when you call your dog to come, and they refuse, because they don't want to get out of the pool

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Get this Nature's Miracle Hooded Multi-Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box with our Petco coupons for less

Get this today
I just spoke to my sister-in-law today and she has been having some problems with her cats as of late. Apparently, one of them, is pooping in the house and not the kitty litter. She calls it phantom pooping. 

She's beginning to wonder if maybe it isn't the kitty litter. 

I suggested she take a look at Petco. 

I found some stuff that she, and you, might be interested in. 

Maybe a better kitty litter box, like this Nature's Miracle Hooded Multi-Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box. It's automated, so that should help with her time issue. She has two small kids, and the cats not being well-behaved is starting to stress her out. There is an anti-microbial element to it, to help inhibit bacteria growth. 

To make things even easier, there is an indicator that alerts when it is time to change the waste receptacle. Pretty neat huh?

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I can't wait for my friend's dog to visit

Yay! My friend's dog is coming to visit! I seriously can not wait! This dog is so super cute. It's ten pounds and it looks like a little chocolate lab, but, did I mention it is only ten pounds!!!

There is so much stuff that I need to get to prepare for her little visit. She needs some toys here, of course. I'm also going to need several different kinds of treats for her. A girl needs a little variety! I'm also gonna need some kind of pooper-scooper because of my back condition (the inability to bend over). It will probably have to be on the taller side of things.

All of these things I can get from Petco. It will be one stop shopping. I think, in fact, I'll actually just order it all online. Easy-peesy. I won't even need to leave the house.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rid fleas on your couch with this Zodiac FleaTrol Carpet & Upholstery Pump Spray for less with our Petco coupon

A friend of mine just got a nice new dog! How sweet. It's like a miniature chocolate lab mixed with some kind of dog that has big pointy ears.

It only weighs ten pounds and it is so unbelievably sweet. The dog kisses him constantly. She lays on his lap when he works! How amazing would it be to have a dog on your lap while you are working!

Everything seems to be going really, really well, save for one thing. He found some fleas. Only problem is, he is also storing my couch for me, that the dog has been up on a few times.


Now the couch is ready to be returned to me.

I gotta doing something about these fleas on my couch! I'm not so worried about adult fleas, as much as I am about any eggs that could have found their way into my couch.

Therefore, I went to trusty Petco and found this Zodiac FLeaTrol Carpet & Upholstery Pump Spray. Seems like it is the perfect thing for me! Now I don't have to worry about the fleas finding their way into my house!

By clicking the link above, you will also get a discount on the product. What's better than flea control at a low price!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Get this Flexi Retractable Cat Leash in Pink

I love this Flexi Retractable Cat Leash in Pink. It's so cute! I think it would be great to be able to leash up your cat and take it outside to walk. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of ferral cats. That's not the kind of thing you want as a pet. However, to be able to take you cat outside, so they can enjoy the sun. Purrfect.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunny days are the best for you and your dog

It's so sunny here in San Mateo today! I love feeling the sun on my skin. I love feeling the nice cool breeze as it caresses my skin.

My dog loves it too. Her tongue is hanging out of her mouth, panting from running circles around me. I swear, dogs really do just make everything better, don't they?

That's why I like Petco. Petco allows me to buy gifts for my dog, pretty frequently, because the products are of great quality, and they aren't so expensive that I can't do it often. Plus, when you love your dog as much as I do, you really find a lot of happiness in spoiling them.

So go outside with your dog today, enjoy the sunshine, and play a little fetch, a little tug of war. You will be happy that you did.