Monday, September 15, 2014

Use our Petco coupons to get this Cleveland Browns NFL Pet T-Shirt for less today

Use our Petco coupons to get this team shirt
What about them Browns! Wow! Way to go! I don't care who your root for in the NFL, the Browns have been bad for so long, it's super great to see them doing so well.

The team had a huge, huge, HUGE win yesterday against the Saints. The Saints are a powerhouse in the NFC.

Well, not this given Sunday. It was impressive to watch the Browns pull it off.

If you had picked the winner of this game before hand, I'm not too sure many people would pick the Browns. However, that's why you play the game.

Sean Payton, the coach of the Saints, was totally
and completed unenthused to say the least. Little man yelling at big man -- big man cowers! Oh, wow. The Saints did NOT take too kindly to being beat by the Browns.

Browns fans, you have every right to strut your stuff this week. Wear your jersey with pride! You have definitely earned it!

You can even go as far as to deck out your dog with this adorable Cleveland Browns NFL Pet T-Shirt for less with our Petco coupons.

Can you imagine how great it will be to walk down the streets of Cleveland, you and your pooch with so much Browns love! It'll be awesome!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New England Patriots NFL Bandana for less with our Petco coupons

Get this bandana with our Petco coupons
I just can't get enough of football! The first week in the NFL is over and what a week it was!

The Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins, how nuts is that!

The Patriots next play the Minnesota Vikings. Now, while the Vikings completely beat up on the Rams, that's not saying much.

I really do think that the Pats will win this game, but you can never be too sure.

So do what you can Patriots fans! Stock up on team spirit -- even your dog can join in on the goodwill.

Our Petco coupons can get you this New England Patriots NFL Bandana for your little fan!

How cute will they be, running around the house, in this little accessory! I like it because it is not binding and won't impinge upon your dog's rambunctious celebrations.

Get one today!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Get this Green Bay Packers NFL collar for less with our Petco coupons

Petco coupons
Get this Green Bay Packers NFL Collar today!

Today is a very big game for the Green Bay Packers. We play the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks today. Yeah, exactly.

The Packers game is on NBC at 5:30 PM PST.

This is a huge game for Green Bay. It's a chance to show that we can compete against an extremely good defense. Our offense, in my opinion, on a whole, is better than what the Denver Broncos had in the Super Bowl. However, we do have a slippery slope with a rookie center and a left tackle that's still new. Aaron Rodgers needs to be protected.

Our defense has to go up against a powerful Seattle offense manned by Wilson and Lynch.

Therefore, this is a huge game and we need all the help we can get.

That's why you need to be decked out in Packers gear, as does your dog. By getting this collar, you
will help our Green Bay cause. Plus, your dog will feel a part of the team! I mean, they do stand by your side the entire game. Yes, perhaps it's because of the sausages, chips, hamburgers and such that you have to eat while watching the game, but who's counting?

I had this collar for my dog, and it was great. In fact, despite her passing, I still keep it as a memento.

Show your team support today and don't forget to use our Petco coupons.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get this Green Bay Packers NFL Pet Jersey for less with our Petco coupons

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More game day stuff available at Petco with our Petco coupons!

Get your dog their very own Green Bay Packers NFL Pet Jersey for less today!

I, of course, love this doggie Packers jersey! What a great way to represent your team this football season!

Besides, your dog wants to show his pride as well. I mean, your dog is always right at your side when the games are on -- proof he loves football. His tail wags when your team scores -- fact right there that he loves your team. Lastly, he's very willing to partake in game day food. Your dog is just being a real fan! Not begging for food!

Plus how cute does your dog look when he's wearing this!

This jersey is completely licensed by the NFL. Also, the colors are just as authentic for your pet as they are for your own jersey. Nothing but the best for your pooch. For the comfort and safety of your dog, the cuffs on the sleeves are stretchy. Good for movement and running around to celebrate the latest Packers touchdown!

The jersey also comes in various sizes to fit your breed of dog. Nice!

Get one today.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Get this Quick-Tag Pet ID Tag for less with our Petco coupon

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Get this Quick-Tag Green Bay Packers NFL Bone Personalized Engraved Pet ID Tag for less with our Petco coupons.

I love my Green Bay Packers. I just watched the preseason game with them playing against the Oakland Raiders. We looked pretty darn good out there. I was about to compliment my defense, until I heard today that B.J. Raji tore his bicep. That sucks.

Time to show my pride in any way that I can. That's why I picked this dog collar.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Use our Petco coupon to get this Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl Orange Travel Bowl for less

Kurgo Travel Bowl
What a nice day for a hike with your dog. Summer is such a wonderful time to go exploring with your pet. Seeing the flowers is so nice. The grass. Hearing the bugs buzzing around.

Summer also means it's hot, so your dog will need some water, especially on a long walk or a hike.

That's why I like this Kurgo Collaps-a-Bowl Orange Travel Bowl.

It collapses, so it is very easy to put in your pack for the day. Even one of those lumbar packs, this could fit into it. Now you can easily share your water with your favorite friend.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Use our Petco coupon to get a Quick-Tag Bone Personalized Engraved Pet ID Tag for less

I found the cutest thing possible for my friend's dog. He is a huge Lion's fan. Now, his little dog can have the cutest Quick-Tag Detroit Lions NFL Bone Personalized Engraved Pet ID Tag.

The item can be engraved with up to 4 lines of information. That's important. You want the tag not only because it is cute, but because if your dog ever gets
lost, there is a way for someone to call you and let you know.

Now he gets to parade his dog around town with the cutest little tag!

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