Thursday, October 23, 2014

Get this Carlson Pet Products Extra Tall Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door for less with our Petco coupons

Petco coupons
Get this Carlson Pet Products Extra tall Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door for less with our Petco coupons.

I love dogs. So much. Yet, sometimes you might need to restrict their access to areas of your house. Now, my dogs are allowed everywhere, but when they are sick ... that's another story.

When they are sick, I need to restrict them to the area in the kitchen. The kitchen has tile, and that would be much, much easier to clean. I do not want them getting into the rest of the house where there is carpet.

Of course I would never leave them if they are very sick, but you know how it is. They have a couple bouts of diarrhea, and then you think they are done, so you think you can go to work, but ...

I have tried lining the kitchen with chairs to keep them in ... nope. They are crafty. They need something a little bit more hard-core.

That's what this gate is for. The extra tall gate is great for larger dogs, or if you have a springy, jumper-type of dog that can leap small buildings. The material is strong metal, no dog is gonna chew through this gate. It also expands so that it will fit multiple sized rooms.

But what about you? You still want access to your room, especially, if like me, the kitchen is your quartering-off area. I still need to get my coffee before I go to work! That's why this gate comes with a convenient one-touch release handle, so you can come and go as you please.

So if you need a good, sturdy gate, look no further.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Use our Petco coupons to get this Petco Pup Crew Gray & Pink Henley Sweater for less today

Petco coupons
I love the fall.

It's such a wonderful time of year. The seasons turn from summer to fall. The air goes from warm and humid, to crisp and cool. The leaves start to change color, and how beautiful they are. Brilliants reds, intense yellows, and vibrant oranges.

It's time when you load the car up with the kids and drive up north to take in all the spectacular views.

It's time for cider mills. It's time to get a doughnut and dunk it in your apple cider while enjoying all of the amazing foliage. Go to the pumpkin patch with the kids.

Football games become what you do on a Friday night. It's so fun to go see the high school football game. Later in the evening, you swear, you can almost see your breath. The cheerleaders change from their vests to sweaters this time of year. You and the family order a round of hot chocolates. You may even don some fingerless gloves.

Ah, fall.

However, you don't want to forget about one of your favorite family members -- your little dog. This time of year is a bit cooler, and little dogs have a much harder time keeping warm, than say, a labrador. That's why the next time you load fido up into the car to go to the high school football game, you probably want to put a sweater on him.

That's why I like this Petco Pup Crew Gray & Pink Henley Dog Sweater. It will keep your pooch warm without overheating them. It has some really cute aspects about it too. It has these really cute buttons and that really cute dog bone on it. Everyone at the football game will not only be cheering the football team, but cheering for how cute your dog looks.

Pick one up today for less with our Petco coupons.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Get these Dogswell Happy Hips Jerky Dog Treats for less with our Petco coupons

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I love these Dogswell Happy Hips Jerky Dog Treats.

They have Glucosamine and Chondroitin in them, which is vet recommended for dog's joints. My vet for my Pointer, which is a large dog, always recommended both these ingredients to help with her joint pain. It was hard to watch such a joyful, playful dog slow down as she aged. That's why I always felt good about giving her these treats. I wanted baby Emma to have the best life possible, a good-quality life, and I felt that Dogswell helped me achieve that for her.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Get these Marineland Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters for less with our Petco coupons

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I love fish! The beauty that they possess is amazing. All of the colors, which are so vibrant, are truly astonishing.

I love the way they move. So sleek, so effortless. They glide through the water like a ballerina does on land. simply wonderful.

That's why I think aquariums are so awesome. You can fill them with the most gorgeous creatures there are in the world. Whatever color combination that you want -- it's your choice.

Plus, they are so relaxing. I find it so calming to look at an aquarium. It' such a nice addition to any home.

As much as I love them, you always have to remember that with all good things, they come with responsibility.

You need to maintain a healthy environment for your fish, which is why I choose Marineland Peguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters for my aquarium. They are effective at removing odors, discoloration and waste from the tank. They use an activated carbon filter. This is important because it has three phases of filtration -chemical, biological, and physical. This is all in one unit, which make it easy to maintain.

I'd get one of these today. Don't forget to use our Petco coupons to save money on your filter and please remember aquariums come in different sizes, so choose your filter accordingly.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Get Spectra Shield today with Petco coupons for less

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You need to protect your pet!

You love your dog so much, right? You would do anything for them. Well, that starts with protecting them from fleas and ticks.

Disease can be devastating to your loved one. You want to protect them at all cost. That's why you should use SpectraShield to protect your furry loved ones.

Lots of terrible diseases can fall upon your pets if you don't protect them. What's great about this product is that it protects your pet from not only fleas but also ticks. It will also protect them even if they go swimming. It is safe for dogs over 6 months of age, so you don't have to worry about your puppy if they are over 6 months. All you have to do is simply attach it to your dog's collar.

I highly advise protecting your pet today! Use our Petco coupons today to save money.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Use our Petco coupons to get this Cleveland Browns NFL Pet T-Shirt for less today

Use our Petco coupons to get this team shirt
What about them Browns! Wow! Way to go! I don't care who your root for in the NFL, the Browns have been bad for so long, it's super great to see them doing so well.

The team had a huge, huge, HUGE win yesterday against the Saints. The Saints are a powerhouse in the NFC.

Well, not this given Sunday. It was impressive to watch the Browns pull it off.

If you had picked the winner of this game before hand, I'm not too sure many people would pick the Browns. However, that's why you play the game.

Sean Payton, the coach of the Saints, was totally
and completed unenthused to say the least. Little man yelling at big man -- big man cowers! Oh, wow. The Saints did NOT take too kindly to being beat by the Browns.

Browns fans, you have every right to strut your stuff this week. Wear your jersey with pride! You have definitely earned it!

You can even go as far as to deck out your dog with this adorable Cleveland Browns NFL Pet T-Shirt for less with our Petco coupons.

Can you imagine how great it will be to walk down the streets of Cleveland, you and your pooch with so much Browns love! It'll be awesome!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New England Patriots NFL Bandana for less with our Petco coupons

Get this bandana with our Petco coupons
I just can't get enough of football! The first week in the NFL is over and what a week it was!

The Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins, how nuts is that!

The Patriots next play the Minnesota Vikings. Now, while the Vikings completely beat up on the Rams, that's not saying much.

I really do think that the Pats will win this game, but you can never be too sure.

So do what you can Patriots fans! Stock up on team spirit -- even your dog can join in on the goodwill.

Our Petco coupons can get you this New England Patriots NFL Bandana for your little fan!

How cute will they be, running around the house, in this little accessory! I like it because it is not binding and won't impinge upon your dog's rambunctious celebrations.

Get one today!

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